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Our Motto

If the solution involves nailing jello to a tree, think "outside the box."

That certainly seems like a strange motto, doesn't it? A combination of "nailing jello to a tree" and "think outside the box" -- two popular, and over-used, adages commonly heard in pop culture, consulting, sales and engineering fields, just to name a few.

The phrase "nailing jello to a tree" usually applies to an impossible task, while "thinking outside the box" usually connotes a need to approach a problem from a new perspective, one that looks beyond the borders that limit creative solutions. Taken as a whole, the combined phrases convey a descriptive approach to the intractable. In literal form, how would you nail jello to a tree? There are actually several possible answers that work -- it's not an impossible task, after all.

And that's why our motto fits.

We provide unique perspectives in order to develop viable solutions to problems which appear insurmountable.