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Who are we, and what do we do?

RealmQuests Services, Inc. provides business and technology consulting services for small-to-medium businesses and home office users. Services range from equipment setup, training (hardware and software) and network setup and configuration to website design, development and roll-out. We can help you integrate your business with a web presence, implement ecommerce, plan projects and product rollouts and work with you to evaluate the impact.

If you have a question, request or would like to inquire about services, please use the contact form.

RealmQuests Services is based in Boston area, but the internet makes distance less of a factor: we have worked remotely with users internationally and across the United States. For established customers, we can provide technical support in person nearly anywhere in the US and Canada that is covered by OnForce, and we will be extending our service offering through another, similar type of venue shortly.

Our preferred website CMS is Drupal.

We can offer hosting services, but prefer to help clients find a hosting provider that meets their needs -- there are plenty out there, and our focus is on other areas. For website hosting and design, we partner with JAQKAR; check them out for your web hosting and site design needs. JAQKAR specializes in Drupal installations.

We will assist the client with identifying and selecting the hosting provider that best meets their needs as part of a website design / development and roll-out engagement.